Our Story

At Broad Arrow Farm we use regenerative, soil-based methods to raise pigs, poultry and eggs on pasture and in the woods of Mid-Coast Maine's Pemaquid Peninsula. We sell our products directly to consumers in our Farm Market. We also cold-pack ship our pork products sold through our online store. Additionally, consumers can find our products in some of Maine's finest restaurants, butcher shops and specialty grocers.

Although we are not certified organic, we use organic agricultural methods. We never use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones or appetite stimulants. We have reclaimed more than 30 acres of dense woods, and converted them into silvopasture from which our livestock forage seasonal plant-based nutrition including the much-coveted autumn acorns and beechnuts for the pigs and turkeys.

We run a year-round, farrow-to-finish pig operation incorporating heritage breeds (Large Black, GOS, Hereford, Duroc, Berkshire as well as the charcuterie pig; Mangalitsa) that thrive on forage. Our pigs have free access to pasture and woods all day, everyday. We employ rotational grazing methods to maximize the amount of nutrition our herd derives from forage and to promote soil health.