Broad Arrow Farm is proud to sell our pasture-raised heritage breed pork to some of Maine’s finest restaurants, butcher shops, and markets, including the following businesses.


Blue Spoon

Portland, Maine

Perched at the top of Munjoy Hill in Portland’s East end, we are a chef-owned restaurant built on fresh market ingredients, friends, and family. Chef/Owner Will Lavey and his wife Liz Koenigsberg have been in the Portland restaurant scene for many years. After owning Petite Jacqueline of Portland, Maine for six years, Liz is now very excited to take this next step, along side her husband Will.

We have fun in the kitchen, but we also couldn’t be more serious about what we do. That’s why we get our goods from the very best: Broad Arrow Farm, Laughingstock Farm, Stonecipher Farm, Fishbowl Farm, Freedom Farm, Valley View Farm eggs and meats, Wee Bit Farm beef, Lankin’s Gorges Cheeses, Woolever Farm lamb, and Rick Tibbet’s mushrooms.


Bow Street Market

Freeport, Maine

Bow Street Market was built on the memories of what food shopping used to be. Our grandparents shopped at the corner neighborhood store where people knew one another by name & the shopkeeper knew what customers wanted. Today, the market is a little bigger, but we still know regular customers by name, remember their favorite foods, and stock products farmed, fished and made by friends and neighbors from all over Maine.

Why is our meat department in the center of our store? It’s a nod to our history; our market opened as a butcher shop in 1946 and the community congregated around the butcher counter. Today, that’s no different. The most experienced and knowledgeable butchers in Maine work here, and we eagerly source local, naturally raised, and organic beef, poultry, pork, and lamb.


Bradley Inn

New Harbor, Maine

Dining at The Bradley Inn is an experience you will never forget. Our inn doubles as a restaurant – one of the finest in the area. During the day, enjoy our sumptuous breakfast and afternoon tea with house-baked goods, exclusively for guests of the inn. In the evening, visit our Chartroom or Slippery Hitch Tavern to partake in fine dining; our gourmet dinners are made from local and sustainable fare.

We pride ourselves in that we attempt to source as much locally as possible.  We have developed relationships with local farms for produce and meats, creameries for cheese, lobstermen and oyster farmers for our shellfish, other local businesses for seafood, cured meats, product for our bar…plus more.  Our goal is to move as close to farm to table and fork as possible.


Bramhall and Roma Cafe

Portland, Maine

Bramhall: Descending the front steps and entering Bramhall is an all-immersive experience.  Even during the late afternoon this brick and stone lined chamber is lit primarily with candles and dim sconces with the only natural light sneaking its way in through antique stained glass windows. It’s obvious why Scofflaws favored this sanctuary during the days of prohibition imparting a sense that Bramhall might still be standing long after the end of the world.

Roma: Chef Medlock’s philosophy and passion blend with the purpose of Roma: to bring together family and friends in a welcoming atmosphere and to eat food prepared with history and care. In a fast-paced, sometimes disconnected world, Mike, Leska, Ronnie and the full Roma team invite you to consider Roma Cafe a second home where you can unwind, slow down and enjoy good company and great food.



Portland, Maine

Neighborhood West End brasserie with Spanish & French inspired seasonal cuisine. Local ingredients, honest food, good hospitality, craft cocktails, wines, and beer.


Drifters Wife

Portland, Maine

Bon Appetit Top Ten Best New Restaurants 2018, James Beard Award Semifinalist 2017 (Best New Restaurant), Bon Appetit Top 50 Best New Restaurants 2016

After a winter renovation by local wood shop Joiya Studios, the Hales and Jacksons debut the new Drifters Wife. It houses both the wine shop, located at the entrance and sectioned off by black-paneled walls, and the new restaurant, with 60 seats, a bottle list in addition to the by-the-glass one, a six-burner range with a convection oven, a real walk-in fridge, and a Spanish-style plancha for Ben to experiment with. But he still uses the old induction burners, and the team works the same: Ben cooks whatever he  
likes and the Hales pour whatever they like.(from Bon Appetit September 2018)


East ender

Portland, Maine

Bill & Karl started cooking together in 2004. Their shared love for and curiosity about food led them to open SmallAxe Food Truck in 2012. At SmallAxe, they were able to convert their appreciation for local ingredients into delicious, hand-crafted, casual food. The success of SmallAxe led to the opening of East Ender. Here they are able to continue their unique vision for casual dining.
And cook in a bigger kitchen.


Little Giant

Portland, Maine

Little Giant is a restaurant, bar and corner store located in Portland, Maine's West End neighborhood. Opened in 2017, Little Giant is like Maine— casual, fresh, welcoming, and inspired by the seasons. We want to bring you great food and drink with friendly service. And we hope you'll keep coming back to this little corner we've created.

We were included in Bon Appétit’s 2018 Restaurant City of the Year and our bar program was named by GQ as one of the best new bars in America in 2018.


Little Tap House

Portland, Maine

At Little Tap House we work with local farms and growers as often as seasonally possible. 14 rotating taps; curated to be maine-centric. as fresh and local as you can get. Our draught lines support local microbreweries and our limited bottle selection aims to reduce local environmental and ecological impact. We opened our doors in March of 2013, right on the precipice of the second wave of Maine's craft brewing boom. In originally curating our draught lines, to keep a balanced menu, we would have to source larger East and West Coast breweries. Fast forward five years, now we truly can source the finest 14 rotating brews within a 20 mile radius. We're pretty proud of this.


Lolita vinoteca + Asador

Portland, Maine

You'll be greeted with the warm glow of our custom wood-fired grill and rough-hewn walls lined with Lolita’s thoughtfully curated wine collection. The setting is reminiscent of an Old World bodega where, throughout the day, neighbors and visitors alike gather to share some wine, snacks or a meal, and a lot of congenial conversation.

Take a seat at the long zinc bar or cozy banquette, and relax. Savor an expertly prepared espresso from our vintage machine, grab a midday bite, a leisurely lunch, or linger well into the evening to enjoy small or large dishes meant for sharing. Our extensive menu showcases the freshest ingredients from land, sky or sea, prepared simply and respectfully.


Bleeker & greer: Maine Street Meats

Rockport, Maine

The butcher case features Maine-raised pastured meats and poultry.  We are proud to know the farmers who produce our Beef, Lamb, Pork, Veal and poultry. Their commitment to natural, ethical & sustainable farming fits with our desire to offer the very best quality local meat. Our meats are raised and free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

We offer friendly, comprehensive butchering services.  Whether you are looking for a three-inch thick steak, the perfect roast, or fresh house-made sausage, our team has something special to recommend. We are happy to custom-cut or grind any of our meats - just ask!


Natalie’s at Camden Harbour Inn

Camden, Maine

At Natalie’s, you will savor a menu which celebrates an entirely fresh approach to the very best ingredients. Our Executive Chefs Chris Long and Shelby Stevens seek out the harvest of Maine fishing boats, farms, and gardens and transform these honest, unsullied ingredients into distinctively new presentations reflecting modern fine dining cuisine while showcasing Maine’s bounty.

Natalie’s is tucked into a quintessential New England Victorian inn overlooking the picturesque harbor of Camden, Maine. Top Dutch interior designer Mascha Brunia has created an atmosphere reminiscent of an upscale Parisian bistro, surrounded by a sweeping panorama of lush mountains and sparkling harbor dotted with islands that exemplify New England.


Rising Tide Co-Op

Damariscotta, Maine

Rising Tide is a cooperatively owned business, governed by its member-owners.  Rising Tide operates for the mutual benefit of all member-owners.  When people need something they can’t get easily or at a reasonable cost, they can start a co-op to get it.  Cooperation is a powerful tool to help communities meet local needs.

Co-ops cultivate sustainable development on a human scale, and provide consumers with housing, health care, day care, elder services, electricity and even banking services (credit unions) as well as food.  International Cooperative Principles guide co-ops to get these products and build connections with producers and vendors.


Sammy’s Deluxe

Rockland, Maine

At Sammy's Deluxe you can look forward to simple, fresh, not-fussy, very straightforward, extremely high value, exceptionally delicious cooking in the style of what your grandmother might have cooked if she were a very good cook who used lots of seasonal ingredients and had a soft spot for Americana.(from


Woodford Food and Beverage

Portland, Maine

Opened in January of 2016, Woodford Food & Beverage is the culmination of a long running conversation betwixt owners Fayth Preyer & Birch Shambaugh and friend Courtney Loreg about great neighborhood restaurants we’ve loved, and why they matter.  Steeped in New England and classic regional cooking, the result is an outpost for intentional American dining in the wilds of Woodfords Corner, Portland.  Housed in a storied mid-century building at the center of the neighborhood we love, the joint we built draws inspiration from Maine’s natural bounty, Steak House & Brasserie classics, quality American roadside dining and bygone hospitality.

Woodford F&B is where we get to spend our days creating meals & experiences that make us happy. Here you will find the freshest seafood, including heaps of local oysters & mussels, alongside one of Maine’s best burgers, choice Steaks & Chops and outstanding seasonal produce. We pickle anything that sits still long enough, and quench thirsts daily with both fresh & classic cocktails, natural wines & local beer.  Perhaps most importantly, we know that a great meal is more than just great food. So come check out Woodfords Corner the next time you're in Portland - it’s worth the visit.


Vignola Cinque Terre

Portland, Maine

On Dana Street, in the heart of Portland's historic Old Port, Vignola Cinque Terre provides a vibrant atmosphere with a rustic feel. Vignola (est. 2006) and Cinque Terre (est. 2001), originally running as two separate restaurants, joined forces to create an Italian inspired wine bar and dining experience.

Cinque Terre was one of the founders of Portland's farm to table movement.  We still source fresh produce, make our own honey and raise pigs on Grand View Farm in Greene, Maine.  We pride ourselves on sourcing all available products locally and believe it not only makes sense - but tastes better too.  

We make what we can: we butcher fresh whole animals, create charcuterie, make fresh pasta, bake breads and craft our own desserts. Sauces and dressings are prepared daily using fresh herbs from our farm. 

Our wine list is famous for a variety of old world Italian wines to perfectly pair with each carefully crafted dish.