Order and delivery schedule:

  • For refrigerated van delivery northeast of Damariscotta to Camden, please order by Mondays at 6pm for delivery Tuesday

  • For refrigerated van delivery southwest of Damariscotta to Portland, please order by Tuesdays at 6pm for delivery Wednesday

    Please note that there is a $10 delivery fee and $100 order minimum.

Charcuterie Pricing:

We’re excited to offer both whole muscle charcuterie and salumi. We can usually accommodate size requests within the given ranges. Tasting samples are available upon request.

Whole Muscle:

  • Culatello (3-4lbs): $36/lb *temporarily out of stock*

    Cured with Maine sea salt, spices garlic, koji. Washed with our favorite rose Lambrusco and gaged for 10 months

  • Coppa (3-6lbs): $31/lb *temporarily out of stock*

    Aromatic and deeply flavorful, with pockets of sweet fat interspersed throughout the meat.

  • Pancetta (3-4lbs): $22/lb

    Cured with aromatic seasonings and Maine sea salt

  • Guanciale (3-4lb): $22/lb

    Cured with aromatic seasonings, black pepper and Maine sea salt

  • Lardo: $18/lbs

    Sweet, aromatic and peppery

  • Lonza (2-4lb): $31/lb 

    Dry cured pork loin, rich and umami forward.


  • Saucisson Sec: 4oz retail: $8ea

A classic French salami seasoned with salt, white wine and garlic 

  • Finocchiona: 4oz retail: $8ea; 1lb chub: $24/lb

         Salami seasoned with salt, fennel, fennel powder and garlic
  • Calabrese: 1lb chub: $25/lb

    Salami seasoned with salt, Calabrian chili, garlic and black pepper.

  • Tuscano: 1lb chub $24/lb

    Salami seasoned with fennel, warming spices and Lambrusco

  • ‘Nduja: 3-4lb chub: $24/lb

    Spreadable salami with fiery Calabrian chilis

Whole Carcass Pricing:

We deliver wholes & halves fresh. We can usually accommodate specific weight requests. 

  • Whole pig (200#-250#): $4/lb + $75 kill fee

  • Half pig (100#125#): $4.25/lb + $37 kill fee

Primal Pricing:

We deliver primals bone-in, skin-on (except boneless belly), and frozen. We can deliver fresh, if preferred, with one week notice. We can usually accommodate specific weight requests. 

  • Trotters (1.25-2lbs): $3.50/lb

  • Hocks (1.25-2lbs): $3.50/lb

  • Smoked Hocks (1.25-2lbs): $5/lb

  • Leaf Lard/Back Fat: $1/lb

  • Pork Bones: $1.50/lb

  • Offal (liver, kidney, hearts): $1.50/lb

  • Rack of Ribs: $5.50/lb

  • Loin - bone-in, chined (17-20lbs): $6.50/lb

  • Belly-ribs off, skin-on or skin-off: (15-17lbs): $6/lb

  • Boston Butt (9-13lbs): $6/lb

  • Picnic (11-13lbs): $5/lb

  • Ham-fresh (16-22lbs): $4.50/lb

  • 1/2 Head (7lbs): $3.50/lb

  • Boneless Smoked Ham: $8.25/lb

Cut and Wrap Retail Pricing:

All products are cut and wrapped in a USDA certified facility. All products are delivered frozen

  • Ground Pork, 1lb package: $6.50 ea

  • Bone-in Pork Chops, 1 per package: $8.25/lbs

  • Bacon, 1lb package: $11ea

  • Boneless Smoked Ham: $8.25/lb

  • Sausage Links, 1lb package (4 links): $7.50ea

    Available in the following flavors: Hot Italian, Chorizo, Garlic & Basil, Mexican Chorizo, Portuguese Hunter’s, Jamaican Jerk

  • Breakfast Sausage Links, .5lbs package (6 links): $3.75ea

Pig Tail Pasta

House made pasta using Broad Arrow Farm pasture raised and soy free eggs. Pasta is made fresh to order, and has a 10 day retail shelf life.

Duram and Semolina: Bulk:$6/lb, Retail (8oz): $4ea

Flavored: Bulk: $7/lb, Retail (8oz): $4.25

Shorts: Rigatoni, penne, fusilli, campanelle

Longs: Spaghetti, linguine, bucatini, fettuccine

Flavors: spinach, lemon pepper


To place your order, email, call, or text: