Half Hog Deposit (By Special Order Only)


Half Hog Deposit (By Special Order Only)


Please contact us directly to make arrangements to purchase a half hog. Typical turn around time for a half hog order is between two to four weeks. Contact Omen via email (omen@broadarrowfarm.com) or call 207-553-0747. Once we’ve confirmed your purchase, you may pay your deposit here. Orders for half hogs are generally for local delivery or pickup only as shipping would be cost-prohibitive. Thanks!

Pay Deposit (With BAF Confirmation ONLY)

Fill your freezer with Pemaquid Pork for an average of $6/lb!

  • $3.75/lb, hanging weight* plus butchering fees**

  • Our pigs are generally between 200 and 220 lbs, hanging weight. We can accommodate a preference within this range, typically.

  • We require a non-refundable $150 deposit at the time of order.

  • You will receive a butcher’s cut-sheet that allows you to customize your order, including preference of smoked products, choice of sausage seasoning, etc. Click HERE to download the cut-sheet.

    *Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after evisceration and removal of head, hooves, and inedible organs.

    **Butchering prices: $65 to Slaughter, $.80/lb. to Cut, Seal, and Freeze. $.75/lb. for Regular Smoking; $.1.00/lb. for Nitrate-free Smoking, $1.50/lb for link sausages, $2.50/lb for maple sausage.