Farm Market

Our Farm Market at 33 Benner Road in Bristol, Maine has a wide selection of products from our farm, our kitchen, and other Maine farms and producers. The Farm Market is open Wednesdays through Sundays, 10am to 6pm. In response to COVID - 19, we have implemented certain precautions suggested by the CDC and State of Maine designed to protect our customers and team members.

“NO CONTACT” CURBSIDE PICKUP SERVICE: While we are happy to serve customers who prefer to shop in the Farm market, we also offer “No Contact” Curbside Pickup and home delivery services through our Online Market.

  • Enter the Online Market and browse the our product selection;

  • Fill your online cart;

  • Proceed to Checkout, where you can specify either Pickup, Home Delivery or Cold Pack Shipping

  • Specify your preferred time of Pickup or Home Delivery;

  • Proceed to Payment using a credit or debit card.

  • We will pack your order in a bag with your name on it, and place it on the Pickup table outside the Farm Market.

We are happy to answer questions about our products and services. Email or call or text 207-800-4550.

All our Farm Market products are available on our Online Market. Take a look below for a sample of our product selection which varies daily, weekly, and seasonally.



Smoked Uncured Bacon $13/lb

Smoked Uncured Bacon Ends $9/lb

Smoked Uncured Back Bacon $14/lb

Boneless House Smoked Ham $12/lb

Kunekune Bone-in House Smoked Ham $12/lb

House Smoked Jowl $8.00/lb


Pork Rack of Ribs from $8.50/lb

Pemaquid Pork Chops $10/lb

Mangalitsa Rib Pork Chops $12/lb

Pemaquid Pork Stew Meat $9/lb

Pemaquid Pork Shoulder Steak $9/lb

Mangalitsa Bottom Round Leg Roast $12/lb

Mangalitsa Top Round Leg Roast $12/lb

Kunekune Cross Pork Belly $10/lb

Mangalitsa Bone-in Belly $10.50/lb

Mangalitsa Pork Belly $11/lb

Pemaquid Pork Sirloin Roast $9/lb



Chorizo - Links $9.50/lb

Chorizo - Ground $9.00/lb

Breakfast - Links $9.50/lb

Breakfast - Ground $9.00/lb

Ground Pork $8.50/lb

Sweet Italian - Links $9.50/lb

Sweet Italian - Ground $9.00/lb

Hot Italian - Links $9.50/lb

Hot Italian - Ground $9.00/lb

Garlic - Links $9.50/lb

Garlic - Ground $9.00/lb