How we raise our hogs

We are a farrow-to-finish operation.  We breed our hogs, and we have a proprietary feeding regimen.  Our hogs live in the woods and on pasture.  We use intensive grazing and agro-forestry methods, regularly rotating our herd onto fresh ground, to build soil and regenerate forage.  This soil-based approach gives our livestock access to plants and nutrients that are unique to our location on the Pemaquid Peninsula. 
The result is happier animals, better soil, and more flavorful pork.  Our livestock helps us improve the local ecology, rather than damage it.


Our current herd primarily consists of Large Blacks crossed with Gloucestershire Old Spots, two heritage breeds that are best adapted to derive a significant amount of their diet from rooting on the pasture and in the woods. These pigs are also cold weather hearty, so able to endure the coastal Maine winters. 

Our Pigs' Diet

Our hogs have constant access to pasture, where they are able to forage and root throughout the day.  We supplement the forage with organic, soy-free grain, local hay and baleage. We also support the Maine food system by using local, nutrient dense by-products as part of our feeding regimen. 

Broad Arrow Farm Pledges:

NO GMO inputs;

NO growth hormones;

NO  preventative antibiotics

NO chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.