Dan Sullivan

Dan is the passion, brains, and co-owner of Broad Arrow Farm.

Maggy Sullivan

Maggy is co-owner of Broad Arrow Farm and is the person who makes sure we keep the farm beautiful! She is also editor-in-chief.


Omen Viele

Self-proclaimed “Post-Mortem Operations Director”, Omen does everything on the farm that relates to sales, processing, butchering, event planning, and cooking. Omen’s background as a chef and a butcher make him the go-to person for all your questions about how to cook that sirloin roast or smoke that pork butt!


Matthew Woodbury

Matthew came to Broad Arrow Farm as an intern during the summer of 2017. Now he is the lead farm project manager, working tirelessly to get the fencing in, the pigs fed, the housing built, and so much more.He keeps the day-to-day operation of the farm running along smoothly.


Justine Roths

Justine brings technical know-how and skills as a butcher to the Broad Arrow Team. Among her duties, she runs the farm store, manages the email lists and the website, supports events, and pitches in wherever she’s needed.


Luke Kidwell

Hailing from West Virginia, Luke is the current fam intern. He’s here for the winter, and with snow on the ground in November, it looks like he may be in for a real treat! He’s been a key player in getting the farm ready for winter, putting up fencing, building housing, and getting the chores done. We’re glad to have him!

Early Birds!

Early Birds!

Ann and Marty Mitchell

The Broad Arrow Farm team isn’t complete without Ann and Marty! The parents of Maggy, they support the farm in numerous ways. Marty uses his professional skills in marketing, getting ads written and doing the networking with the local Chamber of Commerce. Ann and Marty both work in the farm store regularly and are familiar faces to anyone who shops with us on the farm.


Matt Kovarik

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